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  • Testing and Evaluation

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    A psychological evaluation can help answer questions about behaviors and symptoms. We will first aim to understand the question being brought to us, even if the question is to simply gain a better understanding of what is happening with you or your loved one. An initial consultation allows the psychologist to select the best tests to answer the questions or understand the problem at hand. Through a variety of tests and assessments we will identify strengths and areas of concern. We may speak to teachers, family, and other key individuals as appropriate. After gathering information and interpreting the data, a feedback session is held to provide results from testing and resources.


    Psychological testing is not a pass or fail test. The assessment allows us to better understand each individual. The psychologist can then tailor recommendations to meet the needs of each person.


    We provide Evaluations for:


    Autism Spectrum Disorder


    Diagnostic Evaluations

    Immigration Evaluations


    Please reach out to us to find out if we can help you in addressing your concerns.